Detailed CrossWork Classic 1970s Handwoven Rug
Crosswork Classic 1970s Floor Rug
Handwoven floor rug 1970s
Floor Rug recycled materials

Detailed CrossWork Classic 1970s Handwoven Rug

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Made of 100% Pure Cotton.

Rug Measurements = Width 980mm x Length 1950mm.

Traditionally called “dhurrie”, our handwoven rugs come from villages in Punjab, India and were made over 40 years ago. History, meaning and memories are woven into each stitch, making our rugs beautifully unique.   

Whilst not ‘fresh off the factory floor’ new, our rug collections are in good condition, made of 100% cotton and mostly unused. Every wonderful, discrete imperfection adds character and personality to our rugs, bringing something extra special to your home, work or living space.

We believe in creating a “new life” for products that are already in circulation, helping to reduce unnecessary waste and celebrate the potential of recycled and repurposed materials.

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