About Us

Welcome to Bonpinda. A space for curiosity, creativity and connection.

The Bonpinda Collective is an online hub for thoughtful progress and joyful collaboration. An engaged and supportive online community that creates space to pause, reflect and discover ways to build a brighter future for all. With a ‘progress over perfection’ mindset, we aspire to take one imperfect step at a time, together.

You can expect practical guides, honest essays and ethical products that aim to align with making a positive impact on the earth and all its inhabitants, as well as life-affirming stories, eye-opening interviews and the extraordinary work of independent artists and makers. This is all to support more mindful moments and conscious consumption, as well as offering a platform to those often underrepresented but all-important voices.  

Inspired by you, this is a place for you to enjoy. 

We’re so glad you’re here, we’d love to see more of you.

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Push, Bon, Maia and Ivy


​​The People Behind The Project

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. 

We are Push and Bon, and these are our gorgeous twin girls Maia and Ivy. Like you, we are looking for ways to change our habits and actions, to better support the sustainability of our wonderful world. Whether that’s learning more about how the world works, how to reduce our footprint or how we can live in harmony with the natural habitat around us. The importance of doing this became crystal clear for us when we had our girls. Thinking about the kind of world they, and all our children, will inherit. 

We wanted to find a place where we could have these conversations, share knowledge and enjoy products that aligned with our goals in a positive and productive way. Thus, Bonpinda was born in 2019. 


Bon, Maia and Ivy


As a start-up extension of our Wholesale Store (Bonpinda Uniforms, which you can take a look at here), we were committed to creating an inclusive and forward-thinking space. But, like most start-ups, we didn’t have a concrete roadmap in mind. So we travelled around the world and our home in Australia, meeting independent artists who were making all of these beautiful, sustainable creations. 

We started with rugs in India, sitting in the living rooms of these artists. I would talk with these artists and their families, with my mum looking over their rugs, giving me the thumbs up if she thought they fell in line with what we were looking for. It was intimate. No middleman. No manipulative salesmanship. Just simple connection and conversation. Just a small selection of handpicked items that spoke to a future we wanted to be a part of. That’s how we like it. 

That’s still how we like it now. But in 2020, we decided that we wanted to give more back. Everything that’s occurred in this past year, with the pandemic and our move to Darwin, only served to ground us further in our purpose. It made us more conscious and mindful of what we’re here to achieve. 


Push, Bon, Maia and Ivy


So for 2021 and beyond, we want to focus on you. The wonderful humans that inspire us everyday. Collaborating in, celebrating with and sharing together this goal of forging a kinder future. A place for curiosity, creativity & connection.  

After the year apart, we are working towards a future where we can all come together. Both here, online and in person. Both enhancing this digital and creating a physical space where everyone can gather for a coffee, a catch-up, a joyful read and a sustainable shopping experience. 

We can’t wait & hope you enjoy joining us on this journey!



The Elephant and The Bird

We are all and we are nothing.

We are mighty as earth and we are light as a feather.

In all of us is the grace to be gentle and the power to be strong. 

Grounded in the present, but free to journey forwards. 

“Why,” said the bird, “do you let me stay on your back?”

“Well,” said the elephant, “perhaps you are tired and I can carry us for a while.”

“But why,” said the elephant, “do you stay here when you could fly?”

“Well,” said the bird, “perhaps one day we will fly together.”