About Bonpinda: Our mission, values & vision for the future

Our Purpose

As a small, family-run business, we believe in the power of community & how taking small steps together can have a massive impact on the future of our world. We produce and source recycled, repurposed, handmade, natural, vintage and preloved products as an extension of our Wholesale Store.

Our Mission

Bonpinda was created to bring like-minded people together, connecting over a shared love of items which are quirky, full of meaning and extremely unique.  We’re not here to be generic, wasteful or careless when it comes to our manufacturing processes or product ranges. Rather, we’re here to offer you items which are fantastic quality, environmentally-conscious, affordable and curated to celebrate your self-expression.

Our Commitment

We care about making ethical and responsible life choices. And we don’t believe it should be made difficult to engage in sustainable consumer habits. Which is why in 2018, when we founded Bonpinda, we made a commitment to only supply products that support sustainable living. Whether that’s through the materials we use, the way in which our products are manufactured, where we source our items from or endorsing supply chain transparency. We promise that every item has been hand-selected to give you the best value and feel-good factor possible.

Our Community

There are various ways in which we lift-up and celebrate our community. One way is our fair wage policy, to ensure that every individual involved in the creation of our products is treated fairly, honouring their skill and contribution. Another way we celebrate community is our collaboration with independent artists and designers. We love nothing more than championing our local creative scene and offering these brilliant, inspired innovators the platform to share their amazing talent.

Our Meaning

Our identity is founded in the balance between strength, wisdom and creativity; in the big and small working together. In fact, this is the essence of our logo, with the elephant being stable and grounded as it looks up with hope and optimism, whilst the bird finds freedom in flight yet looks down with mindfulness and self-awareness.

Our Belief

We believe in the fundamental importance of Community - of our responsibility to one another and the world. Each one of us is a vital part of the whole. Particularly since the arrival of our twin girls (Maia and Ivy) in 2019, we have become highly aware of how our actions today will influence our girls’ futures. So through our intrinsic values of Education, Integrity and Connection, we hope to help nurture a shift in our collective consumer habits, in order to protect the world for current and future generations. And, ultimately, we aspire to achieve this through working together, side-by-side with you.