Mariye Kudo is a Darwin based artist. She makes beautiful, handcrafted earrings using Chiyogami paper and wood.

Mariye started making earrings after realising that she gets little leftovers of paper after handcrafting her jewellery boxes - this way nothing goes to waste!

Mariye has been interested in Decorative Arts from various countries, including Japan (her background) since she majored in Art History.

All the materials used are carefully selected. Most of the designed papers are traditionally hand-printed one by one by craftsmen/women in Japan using high quality paper and ink.

Some of the earrings also have designed paper from France and Germany because of their fine printing work.
One thing Mariye loves about making things by hand is that you don’t have to follow any fixed rules, which is why most of her earrings are asymmetry, with the front and back patterns being different.

Regarding the clay studs, Mariye does everything from molding to baking.

Even though the process is very time consuming – Mariye loves every part of it.  

The polymer clay is baked twice to increase its strength. The metal part of the studs stainless steel is bought from QLD. All the beautiful earrings are bought to life in her studio in Darwin.

Mariye herself has sensitive skin (but not hyper allergic) and doesn’t have any trouble with her earrings.

We, at Bonpinda Collective, are absolutely thrilled to bring Mariye's creations to our online space and can't wait to share them with you, wherever you may be!