Kaiyare is an independent brand based in Bangalore, India and co-founded by forward-thinkers and sustainability champions Nikitha and Anvitha.

Using agricultural waste like banana tree bark to make wonderful bags and home accessories, Kaiyare - at its core - stands for handmade, community, culture and preservation. 

In fact, the term "Kaiyare" also means "handmade" in Kannada, and this brand wears its heart on its sleeve - quite literally. From the hearts and hands of women artisans from villages around Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, Kaiyare supports makers who use traditional weaving skills and the wisdom of transforming waste into useful, beautiful items.

Whilst banana tree bark is usually discarded to rot, the bark is hand twisted and knotted and then crocheted to make beautiful bags, baskets and other home accessories. The fabric lining, meanwhile, is created from waste produced by Kaiyare's tailoring units - so that they are practically zero-waste. Trained by The Kishkinda Trust, Anegundi, Kaiyare's team of artisans include women who are excited to be earning for the first time in their lives.

Skill, history, talent and passion are woven into every item Kaiyare produce, with useability, wearability and versatility paramount in each design. Kaiyare's goals are to employ more women and build a larger community, teaching these women new skills, supporting their independence & giving them their first salaries, whilst offering products that help to protect rather than harm the environment.