Organic Home Decor + Quirky Handmade Designs

- 100% Natural Fabrics
- Hand Illustrated designs

IDAM was born out of numerous car ride discussions to and from college between a duo of dreamers, Nayanika & Gazal. Since 2015, it has evolved from an idea to a full-fledged print and surface design studio that translates its in-the-present aesthetics onto contemporary home and lifestyle products.

Hailing from different design backgrounds, both Nayanika and Gazal contributed their Textile and Graphic Design expertise and artistry to the products in IDAM.

Each product is unique and has a story behind it. From the inspiration to the design process and execution, every step of the way is given attention to detail. It all comes from their culture and surroundings. Be it a doodle in a diary or the fallen leaves outside their studio, or how the folk art adorns the streets of India, IDAM brings it all to you in an array of prints.

Their designs are an attempt to give customers a glimpse into their daily escapades. To them, it's putting a good concept into practice. Their brand caters to a wide variety of consumers and range from hand-illustrated prints and patterns to florals as well as the handcrafted tie & dye techniques.

IDAM's goal is to bridge the gap between the modern and the traditional using contemporary aesthetics and conventional techniques with the prerequisite of utility.