Exhale Label

Created in Mumbai, India, Exhale Label exists to breathe fresh life into comfortable apparel with powerful messages. Whether it's proudly stating that you are 'Brown and Beautiful', 'My Body Not Yours' or 'No Right Way to Have a Body', Exhale Label empowers, uplifts and inspires. It encourages us to think differently about ourselves, our relationship to our bodies, to reflect on how society views both us as individuals and as a collective, and to stand up for change. Exhale Label creates much more than the clothes we wear; they encourage us to expand our mindset and challenge our perceptions, each and every day. 

In fact, every Exhale Label product is based on a real person, a real story and real emotion & named after that person in honour of their journey. Exhale Label calls these individuals "Exhale Warriors" and their goal is to inspire the world, one story at a time.

Outspoken. Independent. Unapologetic.