Ek’nama is the coming together of two languages, where Ek is One (Hindi) and Nama is Story (Urdu). It is a word that cuts through all religions, castes and systems; it is representative of the soul, where an individual is more than just a cluster of bones and muscles and blood, but a story. 

Just like the word Ek’nama is a coming together of two languages, the faces behind the brand are likewise a wonderful collaboration of two souls, Ishani Vashishta and Yawar Khan. Ishani is a Textiles Craft Product Designer, whilst Yawar Khan is a Software Engineer by profession, in addition to an art lover and enthusiast. Yet it was their mutual love for handicrafts and colourful, enriched culture that birthed the beginning of Ek’nama. 

Ek’nama is an intimate, forward-thinking business that values authenticity, humbleness and the inherent potential in sustainable design. Their aspiration is to continue growing alongside their community, exploring new and innovative product ranges that celebrate the skill of the artists.

Utilising the fabrics and waste material discarded from domestic wardrobes, or left behind by industries during production, Ek'nama uses these scraps as the raw material for their handmade papermaking - transforming these offcuts to produce stunning stationery, bags and accessories.