At Bonpinda, we strive to create collections that are meaningful, ethical and champion a movement towards sustainability. 

Bonpinda's Signature range is created in collaboration with Harpreet Kaur, a designer and creator and boutique owner for over twenty years. As a single parent to two beautiful boys, Harpreet never originally intended to become a designer and, in fact, never received any formal training in fashion or design. Yet through her determination, resilience and innate talent, Harpreet has built her boutique into a thriving business to support her family. 

Whilst we love Harpreet's use of bright, vibrant colours and versatile designs, what we admire most is her inspirational mindset and energy, and her commitment as a mother to providing her two boys with the best life possible. Each one of Harpreet's designs is proof of being able to thrive, despite difficult times; of being able to overcome our most challenging obstacles in life to create something wonderful.

The Bonpinda Basics range is meanwhile created in association with our sister company Bonpinda Uniforms. Utilising materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill, we use these resources to create staple organic cotton tees that are great quality, comfortable, attractive and - best of all - help to protect our planet.