Rekha's Handmade Ceramic Cups

Rekha's Handmade Ceramic Cups

We have fallen in love with our brand new Handmade Ceramic Cups collection and are overjoyed to be bringing this range to our Bonpinda in Australia… and beyond!

About Rekha 

This collection has been designed and created by Rekha Goyal.

Rekha was born in Mumbai in 1979 and spent her early years in South America. She has been running her ceramic art & pottery studio in Mumbai since 1999. She graduated in ceramics from Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai and did her masters in Art in Architecture, London. 

Rekha's ceramic cups

Rekha’s Mission

Rekha Goyal is a Mumbai based ceramic artist. Over the last 20 years, she has worked on installations and murals for private and public spaces, designed ceramic products under her own studio as well as for boutique lifestyle brands, been a part of the education space and projects in art therapy and artisanal craft.

A few years ago, she created a community ceramic studio in the heart of Mumbai which is dedicated to the education of ceramics making it accessible to the local community, while also creating a safe space that increases the engagement between the Arts & Crafts and the community to benefit both.

An avid traveller, she has been widely quoted for her entrepreneurial work in setting-up one of India’s first networks of homestays. She has advised women groups in rural areas on generating livelihoods through sustainable tourism. She has also trained in the Indian classical dances of Bharatnatyam and Kathak for 9 years.

Handmade ceramic cups

Just look at the handmade Ceramic Cups collection and you’ll see how Rekha’s designs are influenced by her background in art, dance, architecture and travel. Movement and motion are subtly intertwined with Rekha’s minimalist design, making these Ceramic Cups the most perfect, sophisticated addition to any home.

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