Our Kimonos

Our Kimonos

The Bonpinda Kimono collection came about as a collaboration between myself and 20yr old aspiring fashion designer Parry Bhamber based in Punjab, India.

Having lived in warmer weather climates for the last few years, I always liked to have a lightweight kimono to throw on over my shoulders and add some colour to plain outfits. I also found kimonos to be the perfect travel companion- great for a quick cover up after a swim, easily stowed away in a backpack for “dressing up” basics and comfortable for lounging around in and relaxing. I like practical things and even more, things that are versatile so for me kimonos have been a big winner!

During my pregnancy, my kimonos were a staple to my otherwise boring maternity wardrobe and have made great gifts for breastfeeding mummas.

After speaking with Parry, we came up with a plan to save dead-stock sari fabric and dress material from going to waste and decided to give them a new life! Parry personally travels the fabric boutiques to source the materials that would otherwise get thrown away. She then gets them hand stitched with love and care.

We think these colourful, vibrant kimonos are fun to wear and perfect clothing accessories for a range of different occasions and everyday use.  

You can check out our range of kimonos right here.

Hope you love them as much as we do!

Bon x