No Right Way to Have a Body

No Right Way to Have a Body

From the very beginning, our aim with Bonpinda was to build a community founded on inclusivity and understanding. Our goal has always been (and will always be) to support not only the world, but our local and wider society too. And as part of that, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can help nurture this inclusivity and community, and how we can support individuals just like you.

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One way we strive to do this is through our products, finding those that align with our values. Products that fill us with warmth and hope. Products that we think our community will love as much as we do, that are open to everyone and everybody. Which is why we are excited to share the newest addition to our Exhale Label collection, The Varisha Tee.

Exhale Label creates everyday empowerment you can wear on your sleeve. Or on your heart, in this case! Using powerful and joyful self-expression, they aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. A clothing brand with a conscience, they craft everyday pieces that support the ongoing journey of well-being. 

Varisha Tee

We all have a journey. Moments of doubt, grief and heartache. Struggles with what we believe we should be or shouldn’t be. One of the biggest trials we can embark on is finding acceptance for our bodies. 

In my teenage years, there were two statements that you heard often regarding someone's weight. If a boy gained weight it was considered healthy and somehow showcased a better social status; if a girl gained weight she would instantly receive taunts from aunties, sometimes mother and friends. 

Weight wasn't the only thing, height was another big issue. The TV ads and roadside billboards often had things like “How to increase your height”. Mind-boggling really… parents would take their kids to doctors to put them on medication, change their diets - all in the hope to become taller!

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You constantly compared yourself to others or were being compared. That was my experience or surroundings, and although that doesn't mean this was the case everywhere, I know that many in the Bonpinda community may have had similar experiences. 

In the digital world, it can seem harder and harder to avoid comparing. There are images of bodies everywhere - right and wrong, good or bad. Seeing the same kinds of bodies over and over can begin to wear down our self-acceptance. Wondering why we might not fit the mould. Or not fit it well enough!

Learning to treat ourselves with compassion and acceptance is tough. But the journey towards the acceptance of all bodies is not a journey wasted. To love bodies for what they do and what they provide, rather than focusing on what they might lack. Because health and happiness can come in all different shapes and sizes.

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Building our community on inclusivity and understanding means acknowledging this struggle. It means challenging the way in which society presents and views the physical body. It means supporting those who are on the journey with us. 

Exhale Label proudly shows that everyone has a story, a scar, or a victory to share. Regardless of how they look, appear or present. Male or female. Short or tall! Whatever shape. Whatever size. Whatever their abilities. All bodies have a right to be heard, celebrated & loved.  

Varisha Tee

In their signature, relaxed and comfortable style, the Varisha Tee features a loose fit, with an oversized statement pocket. Made from soft, natural 100% cotton. A simple and stylish way to make a bold statement - that it’s okay to not be okay! That though we can feel alone in our journey, this tee’s bold slogan helps proclaim we are not!

With the “Brown and Beautiful” Nonie Tee already in our collection, we are thrilled to support
Exhale’s positive messages. To encourage each other to develop balanced, joyful relationships with our bodies. A relationship that is guided by love, forgiveness, and togetherness. Because we all need a little reminder every day that we are not alone, and that we are worth celebrating! 

Find the Exhale Label collection here.