Bonpinda's Guide to a Meaningful Christmas

Bonpinda's Guide to a Meaningful Christmas

And just like that, it's December! 

As summer arrives, the end of a year always makes us reflective. And what a year to reflect on! We’ve been through so much in 2020; it would be an understatement to say this year has been rather unpredictable. 

Which is why we're so excited for this festive season. It's never been more important to share a feeling of connection, togetherness & tradition this Christmas.

In fact, it got us thinking... How can we make sure this Christmas is meaningful?

And we realised, we're probably not the only ones wondering how we can nurture more meaningfulness this December. So we decided to create our own Meaningful Christmas Guide!


Bonpinda's Guide to a Meaningful Christmas

In this guide, we've included some of our favourite ideas for a holiday grounded in connection, joy and hope. We suggest ways to shape traditions new and old, how to create DIY and handmade gifts for thoughtful presents, and crafty ideas you can pinch for creating your own special memories. 

So make sure to check it out & get inspired for making your own Christmas full of warmth, love and meaning. 

And we'd love to hear your own ideas for making Christmas meaningful, so make sure to reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram too!