About the Exhale Label

About the Exhale Label

We are particularly excited to welcome the Exhale Label to our ethical clothing range.

Exhale is more than an ethical business. It’s a clothing brand with a conscience that understands that positive mental health is a journey. We all have periods in our lives that are disturbing, confusing, or heart-breaking, and even when all seems great in the world, some of us can still feel alone. Exhale recognises that it does not matter if you are male or female, fat or thin, calm or aggressive because everybody has a story! 

This is why Exhale’s mission is to create affordable, comfortable, everyday wear that is anything but basic, designed to empower the mind, body, and soul. 

The idea behind the brand stems from the lack of awareness and acknowledgment that mental health is just as important as physical health. Fitness weeks and groups are constantly promoting the importance of being physically fit. But how can you be whole if you're only considering the outside and not what's underneath?


'It's okay not to be okay'


Exhale is a conscious effort to bring people together who have had negative experiences surrounding their insecurities, body shaming, and mental illness. It's about building a community that is able to say 'It's okay not to be okay'. 

Part of the profits collected from Exhale sales is donated to organisations that focus on gaining awareness, as well as researching further into issues regarding mental health.

So join us in the journey to end the stigma. Start a conversation around mental health or by sharing your story with another, because as Exhale have campaigned, #YouAreNotJustALabel.


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