About Harpreet

About Harpreet

If you’ve had a chance to check out the Women’s collection recently, your eye may have been caught by a certain range of dresses and tops

Dresses and tops which are, in fact, part of our signature range. 

Bright, bold and completely unique, the designs - we believe - wonderfully capture the essence of the creator herself. 

Which is why, today, we would like to introduce Harpreet Kaur, designer and creator of Bonpinda’s signature dresses and tops.


Harpreet has run her own independent boutique for over twenty years now, but you may be surprised to hear that Harpreet never actually received any formal training in fashion or design.

Her journey to discovering and mastering these skills was not an easy one. It was a journey of necessity, which ultimately proved her resilience, determination, drive and inner strength. 

In fact, her success today is very much an ‘against all odds’ tale. One which has profoundly inspired us. And as Harpreet is a relative on my mother’s side, you can say that her story impacted me on a particularly deep and personal level too.

As a single parent to two beautiful boys, Harpreet faced numerous challenges and obstacles, juggling home life whilst building her boutique into a business which could support them all.

And as we got to know Harpreet better, we continued to be blown away by her courage, hardwork and strength. 

Harpreet Bonpinda Shirt

Being parents to two wonderful girls ourselves, Harpreet’s commitment to providing her boys with the best life possible was something we deeply resonated with. 

Her love of bright, vibrant colours is just one example of how Harpreet’s inspirational mindset and energy emerges in her designs. 

Beautifully distinct and wholly original, Harpreet creates clothes which hold so much meaning. And we don’t just mean the symbolism subtly intertwined in each design. We mean her clothes have meaning

Harpreet Bonpinda Dress

These dresses and tops are a message to the world. They are proof that what can seem like insurmountable obstacles can, indeed, be overcome. That we can thrive, despite the difficult times. That sometimes, when we push ourselves, we can discover our own resourcefulness and fulfil the most unexpected aspirations. That we can become more than our current circumstances and achieve truly spectacular things with hard work and perseverance. 

Harpreet Bonpinda Dress

That love can bring out a kind of strength we never knew we had. 

This is why we admire Harpreet so much. Not just for how attractive her dresses and tops are, but also because of what she achieves with every single item she creates.

You really can discover a story in every item. 

Harpreet Bonpinda Dress