60 Quick, Simple & Inexpensive Acts of Kindness You Can Take Today

60 Acts of Kindness
Did you know that random acts of kindness can reduce stress, improve emotional wellbeing and even have a positive impact on your physical health? 

It’s true, the benefits of simply being kind can be incredibly powerful, not just for ourselves but for others too. We should never underestimate the power of being kind. Of reaching out and lifting one another up.

Especially in recent times, which have witnessed a great degree of division, it has become even more important to act with empathy, understanding and an open-mind.

At Bonpinda, we are always seeking new ways to support our family and friends, as well as our local community. And what we’ve learnt is that the smallest gestures can, in fact, hold the most meaning.

So here’s a list of 60 Acts of Kindness for you to try out today or to spark your own inspiration.

  1. Give a stranger a smile
  2. Spend an hour picking up litter in your local area
  3. Buy a coffee for the person queuing behind you
  4. Sort out your old clothes and donate to charity
  5. Ask about your family’s day & listen closely
  6. Offer to do a food shop for an elderly neighbour
  7. Compliment a friend or stranger
  8. Tip your waiter/waitress/delivery driver
  9. Send a note to a loved one, reflecting on one of your favourite shared experiences
  10. Cook a meal for someone
  11. Message an old friend you’ve lost touch with
  12. Lend your favourite book to a friend
  13. Separate your recycling into the correct bins
  14. Walk or ride your bike to work
  15. Put your phone away to spend time with friends/family
  16. Donate toys to a homeless shelter
  17. Put together a playlist for a family member or friend
  18. Bake for a neighbour
  19. Invite your colleague to lunch
  20. Give someone a hug
  21. Leave a kind note on a car (a neighbour or stranger)
  22. Support a friend’s charity
  23. Help someone to give something new a try
  24. Compliment a colleague to your boss
  25. Offer to babysit for a friend or family
  26. Handwrite a letter to family member or friend
  27. Compliment someone on social media
  28. Donate blankets to an animal shelter
  29. Give way to another driver
  30. Gift someone a reusable water bottle
    60 Acts of Kindness
  31. Help out any wildlife in distress
  32. Spend 30 minutes doing something you love
  33. Ask how your checkout server’s day is going
  34. Email an old teacher who inspired you
  35. Start a fundraiser
  36. Ask an elderly neighbour about their life
  37. Shop at an independent store (and leave them a glowing review online)
  38. Put on a clothes wash at a cooler temperature
  39. Opt for e-tickets rather than print outs
  40. Take your own reusable shopping bags to the mall
  41. Switch to paperless mail
  42. Go vegetarian for a day
  43. Offer to tutor someone
  44. Purchase a second-hand item, rather than brand new
  45. Send someone a silly joke
  46. Share your favourite recipe
  47. Commit to a day of being non-judgmental
  48. Sign up for a charity run
  49. Tell someone you know that you’re proud of them

    60 Acts of Kindness
  50. Join the bone marrow registry
  51. Send a card to a child in hospital
  52. Upcycle an item/piece of clothing and donate to a worthy cause
  53. Ask about someone’s mental health
  54. Send your friend some flowers
  55. Join a senior buddy program
  56. Pack an extra umbrella, to offer to a colleague or stranger on a rainy day
  57. Write down three things you’re grateful for today
  58. Make a helpful introduction
  59. Retweet/repost/tell others about an independent artist or creator you know
  60. Tell someone you love them
Remember, acts of kindness don’t always need to be directed towards strangers, or even family and friends. Showing yourself kindness is equally as important as being compassionate to others.
    So what act of kindness will you take? How will you brighten someone’s day?

    Let’s make a positive difference in the world, together.