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Meet Our Makers: Talking with Exhale Label
Preparing for this interview, I was planning to wear my favourite t-shirt. It’s a t-shirt that says ‘Be Kind’ on it, and it’s a t-shirt designed by Palak, the creative mind behind Exhale. The Exhale Label exists to breathe fresh...
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Meet Our Makers: Talking with smartass undies
In the second instalment of our Meet Our Makers series, we sat down with Brendan Lo, founder of smartass undies. Creating eco-minded underwear that packs a positive punch, this innovative, quirky (and brilliantly named) brand is paving the way for...
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We are proud to announce our partnership with UPPAREL, in our mission to help complete the loop and recycle old and unwanted uniforms and clothing items.    About UPPAREL Through recycling and upcycling, UPPAREL is changing the way industry disposes of waste fabric. We chose to...
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